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    Onde Numérique: being a wavelength ahead in France

    A bouquet of 50+ new commercial-free radio channels for FranceOnde Numérique is currently preparing breakthrough (r)evolutions in the way people listen to radio, and will soon be unveiling in France an exclusive « bouquet » of more than 50 new and commercial-free radio channels, dedicated and tailored to the French audience.

    To that end, the company is partnering with leading players in the fields of content, distribution and technology, anticipating to first introduce its bouquet for reception at home and on the go, and is already securing a number of technological and regulatory steps towards the deployment of a future vehicular version of its service in France.

    Be different

    More than just a collection of radio channels, Onde Numérique's bouquet is designed to offer a variety of 50+ unique radio spirits. In the field of music, each channel ambitions to guide listeners through an exclusive mix of hand-selected content, programmed by A new radio experienceprofessionals, and enabling a new radio experience, from well known music standards to the best of what the « long tail » of the French and International music catalogs have to offer.

    Be creative

    Onde Numérique's receivers will « meld » content, technology and design to set new radio standards, enabling not only to pause anytime and rewind what is being aired, but also to enter the future through new and innovative receiver functionalities

    Be ambitious and passionate

    Onde Numérique was founded in July, 2009 by Franz Cantarano, who has over 15 years of experience in the satellite industry, having notably contributed to the development of satellite radio services in Europe through two major initiatives - first with Thales Alenia Space, and then as VP Strategy & External Affairs of WorldSpace Europe. Onde Numérique: preparing the future

    Convinced about the prospects of commercial-free radio services in France and in Europe, he is now fully committed to the development of Onde Numérique and is being assisted in this exciting initiative by a Board of complementary and high profile Members, which notably includes former Directors of payTV group Canal+, Radio France, EMI Music and Ernst & Young.

    What do they all have in common? Their passion about what they do…

    Be our partner in Europe.

    Onde Numérique's market research in Europe (more than 14'000 respondents) demonstrate an unmet consumer demand for commercial-free radio services, throughout the continent.

    Europe being multi-cultural, and radio being « local », the company is seeking other trend-setter partners willing to federate a multi-national initiative in Europe. If you are also passionate about radio and Onde Numérique: your partner in Europebelieve that there exist a market for commercial-free radio in your country, then feel free to contact us.

    Onde Numérique and its partners will be happy to help your organisation develop its own subscription radio business through turn-key solutions, and accelerate and phase market entry in your home country, based on its regulatory (including orbital rights through the MusicaA ITU filing in L band), IP (trademarks, patent), marketing (market research) and technological assets (CAS receivers, terrestrial repeaters), its know-hows and expertise.